How feasible is a peaceful post-war transition in Afghanistan and what role could Russia and the Unites States play in it? Read RD Report to find out.

Afghan Endgame: What comes next? Video by Pavel Inzhelevsky

Russia Direct presents its second Report that looks into the issues surrounding the upcoming withdrawal of NATO troops from Afghanistan. RD expert Mark Katz of George Mason University discusses successes and failures of the twelve-year-long operation and argues that the goals were only partly achieved by the coalition.

Possible routes for withdrawal are discussed by Alexander Sharavin of the Russian Institute of Political and Military Analysis. He suggests that the process of leaving the country may be lengthy and costly for the coalition.

George Joffe of the University of Cambridge, Alexei Pilko of Lomonosov Moscow State University and Evgeny Pakhomov, former special correspondent to Pakistan and India, present their views on the consequences of withdrawal for the Greater Middle East. They discuss the role of major stakeholders in the region, including China, Iran, Russia and the United States.

According to these RD experts, Moscow and Washington should work closely to prevent the Taliban from coming to power in Kabul, and should encourage all regional actors to engage in peace-building efforts. 

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