International aviation and space salon MAKS near Moscow hosts more than 700 companies and showcases cutting-edge Russian fighter jets, helicopters and civilian airplanes.

Video by Pavel Gazdyuk

Russia’s largest aviation and space salon, known as MAKS, kicked off on August 25. Held every two years, MAKS showcases high-end technology in civil and military aviation and promotes Russian producers to foreign markets.

Apart from 600 Russian companies, more than 150 foreign corporations are participating in the salon this year. A few dozen American and European companies, including Boeing, Honeywell, Airbus, Safran and Lufthansa, are taking part as well, despite the political confrontation between the West and Moscow.

The aerospace salon is usually closed for the general public for the first few days as it becomes a place for networking and deal signing between high-ranking officials and CEOs of corporations.

The highlights of the program this year are the newest Russian 5th generation jet fighter T-50, the modernized attack helicopter K-52k and the new Russian strike drone Chirok.

Ordinary Russians are also eagerly awaiting the aerospace salon, which is held every two years near Moscow.

The MAKS is opened to the general public for the weekend, and for many Russians this turns into a whole family affair. It is for the air shows, which demonstrate new Russian and foreign fighter jets and helicopters, that half a million Russians are expected to visit the salon this year.