RD News Minute: The Russian government, concerned with the rise of nationalism and outbreaks of ethnic tensions, is launching an innovative monitoring system to predict outbreaks of ethnic clashes.

Video by Pavel Gazdyuk

The Russian government is starting to use innovative technologies to predict outbreaks of ethnic conflicts in Russia. The Federal Agency for Ethnic Affairs announced this week that it is launching a monitoring system that will analyze 28 different indicators, each of which is believed to contribute to ethnic tensions.

The monitoring system is a result of joint work and research of several federal agencies, the Russian Academy of Sciences and the expert community. Information for the monitoring system will come from federal authorities’ data, analytical reports from regions and municipalities, media and Internet surveys, and citizen inquiries

Russia is home to 193 different ethnic groups. In recent years the nationalist ideology, often resounding in the popular slogan "Russia for Russians," has started to spread in the absence of a clear post-Soviet national identity.

Post-Soviet Russia has seen several ethnic clashes. The best-known ethnic conflict in recent history broke out in Moscow in October 2013. After 25-year-old Egor Shcherbakov was reported killed by a suspect from Central Asia, people started demonstrations that quickly turned violent.