Over the next week, the RD editorial team will be reviewing and evaluating the entries and will announce the winner on Nov. 18.

The Russia Direct team would like thank all of our readers who submitted entries in our first-ever Student Essay Competition.

Video by Pavel Izhelevsky

In a search for new emerging voices with a fresh take on the U.S.-Russian relationship, three weeks ago Russia Direct invited undergraduate and graduate students to submit their essays addressing an overlooked field of potential cooperation between Moscow and Washington.

We were very pleased to receive so many high-quality, in-depth analyses from all over the world, including the U.S., Russia, Italy, Germany, France, Poland and India.

Over the next week, the Russia Direct editorial team will be reviewing and evaluating your entries. 

On Nov. 18, look for a special announcement of the winner.

The winning essay entry will be published on the Russia Direct site on Nov. 24 and promoted on our social networks – Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. In addition, we will publish a Debate with RD experts, who will discuss the topic of the winning entry on the Russia Direct site.

Starting December 1, the winner will become a guest contributor to Russia Direct for the three-month period from December 1 to March 1, with the opportunity to contribute four op-ed pieces or articles on any topic during that time period.

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