On April 27, Russia Direct conducted a panel discussion that brought together academics, experts and students to discuss the future of Russian Studies in the U.S. during a time of deep crisis in U.S.-Russia relations.

Video by Vladimir Stakheev and Chris McMorrow. The full video discussion is available to watch here.

This week at an event in Washington, DC Russia Direct presented its first ever ranking of Russian studies programs in the U.S.

The panel discussion included officials from the Russian Embassy in the U.S., academics, diplomats, educators, and business people. Participants focused their discussion on the current state of Russian studies in America.

The general consensus was that this field is currently suffering from lack of resources and that Russian studies need to be reevaluated.

The panelists and guests expressed their concerns about the current crisis in U.S.-Russia relations.

Although the crisis stimulates interest in the U.S. towards Russia, it also reveals the significant gap in understanding between the two countries.