Watch this video about why we are launching a paid subscription to our monthly reports. See how it all started, meet our editorial team, and hear what our authors have to say about our reports.

Video by Pavel Inzhelevsky and Chris McMorrow.

For more information about our paid subscription read:

- a guide to the new online subscription model "Russia Direct to charge users for its reports,"

- an op-ed by Russia Direct Editor-in-Chief Ekaterina Zabrovskaya "What Russia Direct's new subscription service means for readers,"

- a series of FAQ "Everything you need to know about the Russia Direct subscription model."

Also, read this Q&A "Russia Direct: No cherry-picking, just analysis" where our editorial team answers some of your frequently asked questions — including about our efforts to ensure editorial balance, and about how we handle criticism from those who think we’re pushing propaganda from the Kremlin (which we’re not) or from the CIA (which we’re not).