Last week Russia hosted two big international forums gathered thousands of participants from all over the world.

Video by Anna Levicheva

St. Petersburg International Economic Forum 2015

From June 18 -20, more than 1600 companies attended the 19th St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. More than a half of them were foreign businesses. Established in 1997, the three-day-long forum hosted 150 events, and resulted in $5.4 billion worth contracts. Among the Forum’s most significant outcomes are nuclear cooperation agreements between Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Myanmar, and memorandums on the construction of new gas pipelines to Germany and extension of the Turkish Stream to Greece. Despite the anti-Russian sanctions imposed under US pressure hundreds of top officials, influential business leaders from all over the world attended the 2015 St. Petersburg International Economic Forum. Russian President Vladimir Putin delivered his address at the plenary session of the Forum and held question-and-answer session that lasted more than an hour. He also met with heads of major international news agencies behind the closed doors on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg forum for an hour long interview.

Russia Army 2015 Forum

The four day long Army 2015 Expo ended on June 19. The forum featured thousands of pieces of Russian military hardware, and drew more than 7,000 visitors from Russia and abroad. The Expo took place in the Moscow-region and showcased Russia’s air, land, and sea forces.