Presidents Putin and Obama had a phone talk, former Russian Prime Minister Primakov died.

Video by Vladimir Stakheev

Russian President talked to his American counterpart

On June 26 Russian President Putin had a phone conversation with the U.S. President Obama. Two leaders discussed the crisis in Ukraine, fulfillment of the Minsk II agreements and counter-terrorism efforts, particularly the spread of the Islamic State’s influence in the Middle East. In addition, presidents Putin and Obama had an extensive discussion of current issues in bilateral relations.

Primakov, Former Russian Prime Minister, Dies

Former Russian Foreign Minister and Prime Minister, diplomat and academic Yevgeny Primakov died at age 85. Primakov, who trained as an Arabic scholar, headed the Institute of Oriental Studies of the Soviet Union. Later, through the volatile 1990s, he headed several state offices, including Russia's Intelligence Service and Foreign Ministry. In 1999, while serving in the position of prime minister, he made the decision to cancel a visit to the United States, ordering his plane to turn around over the Atlantic in protest of the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. The incident was called “Primakov’s loop” and became a turning point in U.S.-Russian relations. Primakov changed Russia’s foreign policy, focusing on the creation of a multi-polar world. Yevgeny Primakov is praised by many as a patriarch of Russian politics who has left a huge legacy.