Russian foreign policy gets new spokesperson and Putin offers support for the Russian banking system.

Video by Pavel Gazdyuk

Russian Foreign Ministry gets new spokesperson

Russian Foreign Ministry gets its first female spokesperson. On August 10, Maria Zakharova was appointed official spokesperson of the Russian Foreign Ministry. She has worked in other sectors of the ministry since 1998 including as the press-Secretary for the Russian Representation in the UN and as the ministry’s deputy spokesperson. Zakharova is known for her active use of social media and her belief in digital diplomacy. In the Russian blogosphere, Zakharova is often referred to as “the Russian answer to Jen Psaki.”  Psaki who is now President Obama’s communications director became infamous in Russia during the recent Ukrainian Maidan when she clumsily — as many Russians believe — tried to explain her country’s position in the crisis.

Russia’s banking system

The Russian authorities are doing everything they can to reassure the public both in Russia and abroad that they are in full control of the currency market. After the fourth consecutive week of a weakening ruble, Russian President Putin met with the head of Russia’s Central Bank, Elvira Nabiullina. During the meeting both stated that the Russian banking system is stable and safe and that the Central Bank is making every effort to strengthen the national currency.