This Saturday, Russia is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. Victory Day parades will be held in 150 cities across Russia with the main one to take place in Moscow’s Red Square.

Video by Vladimir Stakheev

This week, Russia is finishing up final preparations for the grand Victory Day military parade. On Saturday, May 9th, Russians will celebrate the 70th anniversary of their victory over Nazi Germany in World War Two. This date is one of the most important holidays for Russians. The scale of celebration could be compared to Independence Day in the U.S.

This year, Moscow’s Red Square will host the biggest military parade ever held in modern Russia. It will feature more than 15 thousand troops and nearly 200 pieces of weaponry. They will be joined by more than 100 helicopters and planes from the air.

During the parade, Russia plans to unveil some of its newly developed weapons systems. One of the highlights is the intercontinental ballistic missile system called Yars. Russia will also roll out a next generation Armata tank with a remote-controlled turret.

The Victory Parade will start at 10:00 a.m. Moscow time and it is expected to be live streamed by major Russian TV channels. May 9th Victory parades will be held in 150 other cities across Russia as well.