Prominent economists share their view on how long the Russian economy can withstand low oil prices and whether anti-Russian sanctions will be lifted in 2016.

Video by Vladimir Stakheev

With falling oil prices, the Russian economy could experience hard times ahead. The current economic crisis is likely to deepen during 2016, so the possibility of lifting Western sanctions could bring about a positive change in the country’s economic performance.

Russia Direct asked prominent economists about the prospects of lifting anti-Russian sanctions in 2016 and how long the Russian economy can withstand low oil prices.

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This RD Insight features:

Nikolai Petrov, Professor at the Higher School of Economics (HSE)

Sergey Drobyshevsky, Doctor of Economic Sciences, Scientific Director at the Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy

David Tarr, Consultant and Economist, World Bank

Oleg Buklemishev, Director of Economic Policy Research Center at Moscow State University