Aleksey Kokorin, head of the Climate and Energy Program at WWF Russia, talks about the current public perception of climate change in Russia and explains why he is optimistic about the ongoing U.N. Climate Change Conference in Paris.

Video by Ksenia Zubacheva, Ruslan Faizulin and Pavel Gazdyuk

Against the background of the current United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, or COP21, which is taking place from Nov. 30 to Dec.12, Russia Direct talked to Aleksey Kokorin, head of WWF Russia's climate and energy program since 2000, about the organization's work to promote climate change awareness in Russia and his views on the conference in Paris.

Read the full interview with Aleksey Kokorin in the new RD Report "Global Warming: Russia Comes In From the Cold" and find out how effective the Kremlin's climate change initiatives have been and how developed is the climate change movement in Russia.

Ruslan Faizulin, a multimedia editor of Russia Beyond the Headlines, also contributed to the video.