At this year’s Valdai forum, RD asked international scholars and former diplomats what they would advise to the next U.S. president on how to deal with Russia more constructively.

Video by Pavel Gazdyuk and Alexey Mosko

During last week’s 12th annual meeting of the Valdai Discussion Club, which was held in Sochi on Oct. 19-22, Russia Direct had a chance to talk to prominent international scholars and diplomats on different pressing issues, including the future of the U.S.-Russian relationship.

We asked them what they would advise the next U.S. President on how to more effectively deal with a more assertive Russia on the world stage.

Here’s what Anthony Brenton, former British Ambassador to Russia; Angela Stent of Georgetown University; Dominic Lieven of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE); Robert Cooper, Special Adviser at the European Commission in 2012-2014; Andrey Bystritsky, Chairman of the Valdai Discussion Club Board; and Sheng Shiliang of Xinhua Center for Word Affairs Studies have to say. 

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