RD Webcast: “The future of Russia’s innovation economy” from russia direct on Vimeo.

Russia Direct hosted its first webcast “The future of Russia’s innovation economy” in September 2014. The goal of this webcastis to acquaint the audience with the development of Russia’s innovation economy - its main trends, opportunities and challenges. The webcast also explores how the current geopolitical situation impacts the future of Russian innovation, primarily as a result of sanctions that were imposed by the West on Russia’s economy. Finally, it helps viewers to learn more about the new RD report on the Russian innovation economy that will be published in September 2014.

During the conversation, Stanislav Tkachenko, Professor at St. Petersburg State University, outlines how Russia has been creating its own national innovation system, as well as how Western-led sanctions could influence its future direction. Larisa Smirnova, an expert at RIAC, explores the potential impact of Russia-China innovation cooperation on the economic growth of the two countries. Adrian Erlinger, Program manager at American Councils for International Education, will discuss whether there is still an opportunity for innovation cooperation between Russia and the U.S.

The webcast is of interest for experts and professionals who are interested in Russia, its internal development and innovation economy.


Adrian Erlinger, Program manager for innovation and capacity building programs at American Councils for International Education (U.S.)

Larisa Smirnova, Analyst for Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), visiting professor at Xiamen University (China)

Stanislav Tkachenko, Associate professor at the School of International Relations, St. Petersburg State University (Russia)

Ekaterina Zabrovskaya, Editor-in-Chief, Russia Direct