After nearly two years of providing free all-you-can-eat content for readers, Russia Direct is launching a paid subscription service for its monthly and quarterly reports. All website content, however, will continue to remain free.

Russia Direct Editor-in-Chief Ekaterina Zabrovskaya. Photo: Russia Direct

Later this year, Russia Direct is taking an important step to help secure its future by launching a paid subscription service for its analytical reports.

Since our launch in summer 2013, we’ve released many white papers that provide insight into various aspects of Moscow’s domestic and foreign policy - including Russian soft power, Russia’s reaction to Western sanctions and the recent transformation in Russia’s political landscape. Moreover, we have analyzed the changing contours of the U.S.-Russian relationship, with white papers on nuclear weapons, counter-terrorism and business innovation

All of our reports tackle vibrant topics and are written by some of the best foreign affairs analysts from Russia, Europe and Asia. We endeavor to find a healthy balance between established experts and young promising analysts to provide a diverse range of insights and introduce our readers to fresh perspectives.

The latest Russia Direct report investigates the crucial subject of educating the next generation of U.S. experts on Russia. Our broad analysis covers the state of Russian Studies in America and also contains the first-ever comprehensive Ranking of Russian and Post-Soviet Studies Programs.

Read this FAQ to learn more about the Russia Direct paid subscription model launching this spring. Photo: Russia DIrect

We are confident that our reports have the kind of information that you won’t be able to find anywhere else in Western media. According to multiple research studies, readers have told us time and time again that they would be willing to invest money in subscription-only content. And all of our research showed that there is high demand for the type of content Russia Direct produces.

This is why we are asking you, our readers, to support this new initiative. Later this year, we are asking you to purchase either a yearly subscription for $39.99, or individual reports for $4.99. This will give you access to our new publications as well as the full two-year archive of nearly 30 different reports.

All articles, videos and multimedia features on the RD website will remain free for our audience.

Your support of our new subscription content initiative will help us continue to produce diverse, high-quality, in-depth analysis that you need for your work and study to make informed decisions about Russia and U.S.-Russia relations.

By supporting Russia Direct, you will also invest into dialogue between our countries. On our website, we are creating a community of Russian and international academics, business leaders, experts and decision-makers, all of whom want to see Russia-West relations improved. We believe that through our discussions, debates and real-time interaction, we can help overcome stereotypes and misunderstanding.

Do not hesitate to drop me a line at, if you have any questions, suggestions, or just want to send a word of encouragement. There is nothing better than getting your feedback!

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