Want to know which program for Russian Studies is the best in the U.S.? Russia Direct is about to release its first-ever ranking in March 2015. Here’s your chance to nominate your pick as the top Russian Studies program in the nation.

The primary goal of Russia Direct’s Russian Studies Ranking is to create the first comprehensive ranking of Russian Studies graduate programs in the United States. By doing so, Russia Direct hopes to increase the interest of Americans in studying Russia and the post-Soviet space.

We are gathering data from Russian Studies programs throughout the U.S. and comparing five main components:

1. Overall university ranking
2. Exchange programs
3. Academic competitiveness and research
4. Reputation
5. Post-graduation employment prospects

We want to encourage you, our readers, to contribute to our working process by nominating a Russian Studies program to be included in our ranking. Please send an email to contact@russia-direct.org with the name of the program, the name of the university, and any comments about why it should be included in our ranking.

We are engaging world-leading experts in this process to make our final product as credible and objective as possible. Our methodology is undergoing an evaluation process by world-acknowledged experts and practitioners of international relations and Russian Studies to create the best and the most objective assessment for our ranking.

We have developed a comprehensive survey for the leading American experts in Russian studies to receive authentic and expert feedback that is going to be utilized in our analysis.
Here is the timeline for the release of our RSR:

1. December 30 to January 15, 2015 – We are gathering data about Russian Studies programs in the U.S. and developing a list of programs. We are also expecting university educators, graduates and experts to nominate Russian Studies programs of their choice that they consider to be the most competitive;

2. January 16 to February 15 – We are sending out our surveys to nominated Russian Studies programs to start collecting the necessary data for analysis;

3. February 16 – March 15 – We are processing all received data;

4. March 2015 – We release our final Russian Studies Ranking.

Become a part of the first-ever comprehensive ranking of Russian Studies programs and contribute to our working process by nominating a Russian Studies program to be included in our ranking. Let’s make this ranking together.