Russia Direct is pleased to announce the winner of its cartoon caption contest!

Cartoon by Sergey Elkin Earlier this month we asked our readers to imagine if the leaders of the United States and Russia, Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin, tried to forget their differences and instead celebrated these holidays together. What would they give each other as gifts?

Thanks to everyone who submitted captions. We had many great entries so the decision wasn’t easy. The funniest caption, according to our editorial team, came from our reader Justin Reynolds:

Obama: I hope he likes the new Justin Timberlake song, “Crimean River.”

Putin: I hope he likes the hanging Turkey for the tree.

As a prize and a thank-you from our team for being our loyal reader, Justin will receive a free one-year subscription to RD analytical reports and a Russia Direct umbrella.

Here are other funny captions from our readers which Russia Direct's team picked up:

Obama: What's that ticking sound? Was this made in China?

Putin: Sure you want to open this?

(By Dale Stout)

Obama: It’s heavy, therefore it must be barbells!

Putin: It is light, therefore it must be a T-shirt!

(By Ralph Sager)

Happy New Year!

Video by Pavel Inzhelevsky and Ilaria Kantorova. Paul Trainor and Alison Martins contributed to the video.