On Oct. 12 Russia Direct will take part in an expert session, “The role of mass media in covering Arctic-related issues,” organized by the Russian International Affairs Council.

The Arctic is not only a common space but also the place where different interests meet and compete. Photo: arkhangelsk.rgo.ru

The development of the Arctic in the 21st century has been characterized by new challenges for many actors in the region. For example, Arctic nations such as Russia will need to determine what mechanisms will be in place to ensure peace, cooperation and steady development in the Arctic, as well as what legal frameworks will be in place to regulate state and business activity in the area.

With the main governing body in the region – the Arctic Council – turning twenty this year, the Russian International Affairs Council (RIAC), with support from the Russian government and Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will hold a two-day conference, ”International Cooperation in the Arctic: New Challenges and Vectors of Development,” to explore these issues in greater detail.

The conference, which will take place on Oct. 12-13 in Moscow, will feature panel discussions and expert sessions where prominent decision-makers, academics and professionals will discuss the agenda facing the region. Editor-in-Chief of Russia Direct Pavel Koshkin will also participate in the conference and share his views on the problems existing in current media coverage of the Arctic.

Koshkin will explain how it could be possible to attract attention to long-term challenges facing the Arctic, first and foremost, climate change. He will also explain how it might be possible to reconcile the interests of the public and private sectors in exploring questions facing the region.

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The official partner of the conference is Novatek, Russia's leading independent natural gas producer.