This section brings together the media's references to Russia Direct.

Russia Direct conducting the round table on the future of Russia's innovations in the times of the sanction war with the West. Photo: Russia Direct

Report: Russian universities should modernize to compete globally Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH) 09/01/2016 English
Donald Trump’s bromance with Vladimir Putin underscores an unsettling truth about the two leaders Quartz 08/19/2016 English
The World After Brexit: From Globalization to Fragmentation Carnegie Moscow Center 08/17/2016 English
Russian identity. From Greater Europe to Greater Eurasia Russian International Affairs Council 07/08/2016 Russian
Ambassador Vladimir Chizhov's interview with Russia Direct Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to the European Union 06/08/2016 English
Interview by Permanent Representative of the Russian Federation to NATO A. Grushko to "Russia Direct" Permanent Mission of the Russian Federation to NATO 05/30/2016 English
Russia: Geothermal Energy Production is Just 82 MW Global Geothermal News 05/11/2016 English
Russia’s growing intolerance of dissent Democracy Digest 04/28/2016 English
Russia Renewable Energy Report Planetsave 04/25/2016 English
What does the article by Russia's top investigator Bastrykin really call for? Echo of Moscow 04/23/2016 Russian
Russia Might Be the First Casualty if Nuclear Terrorism Becomes Reality Carnegie Moscow Center 04/18/2016 English
Government-Held East Ukraine Is an Economic Wasteland Russia Insider 04/15/2016 English
Russia straddles two sides in the Nagorno-Karabakh dispute Russian International Affairs Council 04/13/2016 English
The European terrorist threat is unlikely to push Russia and the West closer together Foreign Policy analysis group 04/05/2016 English
World View: Armenia-Azerbaijan Escalating Conflict Threatens Entire Region Breitbart 04/03/2016 English
Why Russia and Japan should improve their bilateral relationship Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH) 03/29/2016 English
Reading between the lines of Kerry's Moscow visit Echo of Moscow 03/28/2016 Russian
Five reasons to study at Tomsk State University Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH) 03/28/2016 English
Kerry in Moscow: Penny has dropped; isolating Russia was never going to work RT 03/25/2016 English
Nonproliferation Requires More Cooperation Between Russia and the West Carnegie Moscow Center 03/21/2016 English
Three lessons from the Kremlin's decision to withdraw from Syria Echo of Moscow 03/17/2016 Russian
Lavrov added to Putin's Munich speech with historical arguments Echo of Moscow 03/09/2016 Russian
Ouster of the chairman of Russia’s Central Election Commission: The end of Russia's political era? Echo of Moscow 03/09/2016 Russian
Pundits ponder on the future and implications of the Syria ceasefire deal Russian International Affairs Council 03/01/2016 English
Ukrainian society: A tough path to freedom and democracy Echo of Moscow 02/28/2016 Russian
What lessons should politics learn from religion? Russian International Affairs Council 02/20/2016 English
Why Russia became one of the key themes of the Munich Security Conference Echo of Moscow 02/18/2016 Russian
Balancing act: Hungary treads a delicate line between Russia and the EU Euronews 02/16/2016 English
Key Challenges Facing Foreign Policy Experts in Russia and the United States Carnegie Moscow Center 02/02/2016 English
Cautious hopes for a Russian economic rebound in 2016 Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation 01/11/2016 English
Russia Direct: Mark Galeotti on Russia's foreign policy in 2015 The Kyiv Post 12/07/2015 English
Why is Putin so popular among Russians? Russian Public Opinion Research Center (WCIOM) 11/04/2015 English
Amid Russian Media Reports Following Plane Crash, Will Putin Gain Or Lose Support For Airstrikes In Syria? International Business Times 11/02/2015 English
Putin to unveil Syria conflict resolution plan at UN ABC News 09/28/2015 English
Why the Kremlin Neglects Strategic Thinking Carnegie Moscow Center 09/14/2015 English
Digest: Researching BRICS Russian International Affairs Council 07/19/2015 English
Central Asians Concerned About India, Pakistan Joining SCO EurasiaNet.Org 07/15/2015 English
The BRICS may be non-Western but they are not anti-Western Russia in Global Affairs 07/11/2015 English
The BRICS and the West: Partners or Rivals? Carnegie Moscow Center 07/08/2015 English
Minsk 2.0 RIP? RT 06/29/2015 English
Russia and the West: The Muscle Flexing is Leading Nowhere Fast Russian International Affairs Council 06/22/2015 English
Russia Faces Tough Choices on What to Do With Syria and ISIS  Carnegie Moscow Center 06/15/2015 English
Russia left in summit cold for second year running USA Today 06/07/2015 English
Is there a role for Russia to play in the South China Sea? Russian International Affairs Council 06/02/2015 English
How to get from Soviet Studies to Russian Studies Carnegie Council 04/30/2015 English
What a new Cold War between Russia and the US means for the world Russia in Global Affairs 04/30/2015 English
Publication overview: Russia Direct Report: Best Russian Studies Programs 2015 Central Asian Analytical Network 04/30/2015 Russian
 Ksenia Smertina: "Paywall is not going to become the main source of our income just yet" Journalist Magazine 04/29/2015 Russian
Nat'l Security Restrictions Hinder Expanding Russian Studies - Ex-Official  04/28/2015 English 
US-Russia Exchange Programs Impaired by Lack of Joint Agreement  04/28/2015 English 
Bilateral exchanges are the key to the future of Russian Studies in the US Trade Representation of Russia in the U.S. 04/27/2015 English
Harvard leads in Russia Studies Programs in the US RANEPA  04/17/2015 Russian
RD presents its Ranking of Russian Studies Programs in the U.S. RANEPA  04/17/2015 English
Being a member of the WTO may not be that easy for Russia  World Trade Center Moscow, Russia in the WTO 04/15/2015 English
For Europe, a Relationship with Russia is of Vital Importance World Public Forum «Dialogue of Civilizations» 04/15/2015 English
Russia Direct releases its first-ever ranking of Russian studies programs in US Rossiyskaya Gazeta 04/13/2015  Russian
Russia Direct presents its first-ever ranking of Russian studies programs in US Russia Beyond The Headlines (RBTH)  04/09/2015 English
Best Russian Studies Programs 2015 Russian International Affairs Council 04/09/2015 Russian
What are the best places to study Russia in the US Kommersant 04/08/2015  Russian
Harvard called the best university in Russia Studies Program in the US 04/08/2015  Russian
Outcomes of the Iranian Nuclear Talks Carnegie Moscow Center 04/06/2015 English
Russia Direct: There are no any scenarios of the dialogue between the authorities and opposition Rossiyskaya Gazeta  03/26/2015 Russian
How to Fix the U.S.-Russian Relationship Carnegie Moscow Center 03/07/2015 English
The U.S. Is One Step From Escalating the Conflict in Ukraine Carnegie Moscow Center 02/25/2015 English
Here’s How to Raise Russia-India Relations to a New Level Carnegie Moscow Center 12/15/2014 English
Russia-West Rivalry Over Ukraine Is Higher Priority Than Security Carnegie Moscow Center 09/15/2014 English
Russia Direct has conducted round table on innovations Rossiyskaya Gazeta 07/25/2014 Russian
Why Territorial Disputes in Asia-Pacific Should Worry Russia Carnegie Moscow Center 07/17/2014 English
Russia and U.S. Will Try to Win Over India. Good Luck! Carnegie Moscow Center  06/13/2014 English
The future of Russia Studies in the US discussed at Washington panel discussion TASS 04/27/2014 Russian
How Russia's Red Line in Ukraine Got Real Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs 04/16/2014 English
Putin's Iron-Fisted Message Huffington post 03/27/2014  English
Soft Power 2.0: Reshaping Russia’s foreign policy The Excavator  03/04/2014 English
Sochi Winter Olympics 2014: Soft Games Lost?  Eurasian Ideas paper  03/01/2014 English 
Russia Direct Editor in Chief interview for Aljazeera broadcaster Aljazeera 02/02/2014  English
A Russian-American-Syrian Triangle: The Syrian Chemical Weapons and American-Russian Relations  The European Geopoitical Forum  01/17/2014 English

Russia Direct Quarterly report “Sochi: Going for the Olympic Gold”

Skolkovo  01/14/2014 English
Russia: Keep Calm and Carry on Without Ukraine Carnegie Moscow Center 12/13/2013 English
If the U.S. and Russia Can’t Figure out Afghanistan, China Will  Carnegie Moscow Center  12/10/2013 English
The Arctic Future: Confrontation or collaboration? The Others News 12/04/2013 English
Russia’s China Challenge in a Changing Asia: An American Perspective The Asian Forum 11/22/2013 English
Defunding Russian Studies May Be a Blessing  The Moscow Times  11/18/2013 English
Russia takes a page out of the US playbook CNBC  10/22/2013 English 
Russia's new normal: from troublemaker to problem solver Russia: the other Point of view  08/20/2013 English