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The aim of our Russia Direct Social Media community is the creation of stimulating and interesting debates contributing to the discourse on the processes and the issues shaping the U.S.-Russian relations. We welcome any intelligently discussed argument that relies on well-conceived ideas, expressed in a polite and respectful tone. We strongly value your constructive criticism and any suggestion that might help us improve your experience as a member of our community and as a consumer of our products.

A healthy discussion, however, needs moderation. We strongly invite you to act with maturity and consideration on our pages. The moderation that we provide is aimed at making sure that our community remains an inclusive and safe platform for all its members. Moderation of discussions is subjective, but will be made in the most consistent, conscientious and careful way. Please, respect our decisions.

To help you participate in our community, here are some golden rules. Remember that this community is yours as much as it is ours. We invite you to make a conscious effort to contribute towards its quality and respect these guidelines:

 • Make sure you express your point clearly and stay relevant to the discussion. Comments may be deleted from our pages if:

 ◦ they are off-topic;

 ◦ they are not clear in meaning (including those comments with grammatical mistakes that hinder comprehension);

 ◦ they are not in English;

 ◦ they contain spam or advertising content;

 ◦ they are offensive, rude, or inappropriate in meaning and/or language; profane language will not be tolerated;

 ◦ they contain personal abuse, hateful speech, prejudice and trolling – we are against any form of discrimination based on race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation, disability or age.

 • When writing your comments, respect others’ values, beliefs and emotions – we will not tolerate bullying.

 • Don't attack the authors of the articles we publish. If you do not agree with the opinion of the writer or their writing style, please express your position in a respectful manner. We will distinguish between constructive and mindless criticism. If you find an error or believe to have found an error, alert us kindly. We reserve the right to delete comments containing misrepresentations of the arguments of our authors.

 • You may use links relevant to your comments; all other links will be considered spam and deleted.

 • We will not hesitate to remove any content that could cause us legal trouble, including – and especially – defamatory posts.

 • We would greatly appreciate your help in self-policing the debates, reporting to us violations of our guidelines and flagging spam.

 • We reserve the right to remove any content that we might find extremely offensive or threatening.

If you believe that any other point should be added to this list, do not hesitate to contact us. Simply send an email to

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Please, share your thoughts or questions with us in the field below, and we will pass your message to the corresponding member of the team.



Please, share your thoughts or questions with us in the field below, and we will pass your message to the corresponding member of the team.

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