Russia Direct released its first comprehensive ranking of Russian Studies programs in the U.S.

Russia Direct released its comprehensive Ranking of Russian and Post-Soviet Studies in the U.S., covering 32 programs at American universities. The Ranking is an attempt to revive interest in Russia within the U.S. and improve relations between two countries. This is especially important, given the Ukrainian crisis and the geopolitical standoff between the two nations, which some experts are calling a “new Cold War.”

Harvard’s Davis Center for Russian and Eurasian Studies is recognized as the best Russian Studies program in the U.S., followed by University of Wisconsin – Madison, Columbia, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and Stanford.

Below you can find the detailed distribution of scores. To learn more about the methodology and the Ranking download our report on Best Russian Studies programs. Also on April 27, we invite you to join the panel discussion “The Future of Russian Studies in the USA” with representatives of academia, government and the private sector.

* This parameter shows the percentage of students enrolled in the program who travelled to Russia and the post-Soviet space to study a semester abroad or to have an internship there during 2013/2014.

** Faculty-to-students ratio shows the number of faculty members (professors whose courses are available for students) divided into the number of students in the program as of 2013/2014.

*** This parameter shows how many times (in percentage terms) a program was mentioned in surveys.

**** 100 means that a university is funded with both NRC and FLAS grants; 50 means that a university is funded with either one of them; 0 means a university receives no federal TITLE VI funding.

***** 0% means that 0 students spent time in the region in 2013/14. 0 without the % mark means that the information was not available due to the school not supplying the data.



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